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A little bit about Us

Cindy-Lee Pombo Speech-Language Therapist is a well-established, child-centered and professional speech and language therapy private practice based in Brackenhurst, Alberton. The practice is passionate about dynamic, individualized therapy that best services the child and their family in a holistic and meaningful manner across a variety of contexts and environments.  We are committed to multi-disciplinary teamwork and frequently collaborate with many other professionals such as doctors, audiologists, psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, remedial therapists and educators.

We engage frequently with parents and care-givers as we know that they are an integral part of the team – we have an open door policy allowing parents and care-givers to observe sessions and we provide written or verbal feedback after every interaction as well as ideas to be performed at home which optimizes therapy progress.

We provide detailed assessment reports after the first consultation and progress reports after a period of regular therapy which assists us in measuring progress made and setting future therapy goals.  Our therapists are dedicated and work tirelessly to open new doorways for children to share their worlds with the people who are most important to them.